InterGro DBM

shaping the Future of DBM

Osteoinductive Demineralized bone matrix

InterGro® DBM is a validated osteoinductive demineralized bone matrix in a natural lecithin carrier, and is available as a 35% DBM paste.
The natural quality of the carrier and its outstanding containment and handling characteristics enable the surgeon to mold it to surgical sites, even in the presence of excessive fluids and under lavage.

DBM + Lecithin Implant

InterGro® DBM Validated osteoinductive DBM with a natural, lipid carrier that allows for irrigation
   • DBM that won't wash away or migrate – formulated with a natural lipid carrier that is resistant to breakdown by bodily fluids or temperature
   • Excellent handling and performance characteristics – tolerates lavage/irrigation
   • Engineered to deliver optimized biologic activity
   • Every lot is bioassayed to demonstrate osteoinductive capabilities
   • Off-the-shelf, moldable tissue graft; no mixing required – use with your preferred technique
   • Easy to use – pre-loaded in a syringe, stored at room temperature
   • Safe – all tissue undergoes extensive viral, microbiological and serological testing; HIV/PCR testing is done on every donor
   • Comes in an array of convenient delivery sizes for a range of uses