growth is driven by "Creative Minorities": those who find solutions to the challenges, which others then follow.

Rapid and Continuous Growth

   - Foundation, Mediblue, Co.(Private)
   - Exclusive distributorship with Seawon Meditech
   - Launched Spasy Ballooning System | Bluepecker V.P System
   - Launched St.Reed Navigational Catheter

   - Distributorship with Biomet Korea
   - Launched Biomet Bone cement V
   - Launched St.Cox epidural system

   - Launched Biomet InterGro DBM
   - Exclusive distributorship with DFine for StabiliT
   - Exclusive distributorship with Cousin Biotech for IntraSPINE

   - Established Incorporated company, C.M.Blue Inc.
   - Launched IntraSPINE dynamic interlaminar device
   - Distributorship with BMI Korea for Hibarry/Qblock anti-adhesion barrier
   - Launched Hibarry / Qblock
   - Launched Bloodstop-ix topical hemostat agent
   - Pain Control Equipment of GEOMC,Inc
   - Launched Hemaclear surgical tourniquet

   - Skin Adhesive - Tissue Aid (Genejet Biotech)
   - Artificial Ligament (Cousine Biotech s.a.s)
   - RF Vertebral Augmentation System, StabiliT (Dfine Inc)
   - RF Tumor Ablation System, STAR (Dfine Inc)

   - Launched Fora-B : Epidural Neurolysis with Balloon Catheter
   - Launched Abro : Neucleoplasty (R.F. Disk Decompression)
   - Exclusive distributorship with Erchonia for Lunula Laser System

   - Established Busan Branch Office
   - Renewal distributorship with Zimmer Biomet Korea
   - Launched Collagen wound dressing with Gentamicin(Zenta-Q)
   - Development of Transforaminal Epidural Catheter System(INDIGO, patent pending)
   - Exclusive distributorship with NoamUrim & Launched DiniClean pre-soaped sponge
   - Development of Kyphoplasty System(AQUA)


We have risen rapidly as a powerful sales company and still growing. We have successfully launched many products withihort period time into the market.

Our People

We have very strong Human Power to overcome any challenges.
Power from human resource make us to move Foward to the Future.