Dynamic InterLaminar Device


- Laminar support
- Decompression
- Restauration of physiological lordosis
- Interlaminar position is closest to the I.A.R
- The shape of the device has two distinctive areas
    - The anterior part, with variable height(8,10,12,14), which is positioned between the laminae and gives a canal decompression. End-walls on each side of the laminar support prevent the device from moving anteriorly
    - The posterior part, with triangular shape, aloows to open the interspinous shape and, restoring the correct posterior tension band, to obtain the right lordosis of the instrumented level. This posterior shape can deform and compress to permit the extension movements of the instrumented level


- Chronic low back pain in black disk with facet-syndrome(pre-operative evaluation with dynamic X-rays and block tests of the facet joint)
- Soft and/or dynamic and foraminal stenosis
- After operations for big expelled disk hernias in young patients in dorder to prevent the collaps of the disc and the subsequent C.L.B.P.
- Insufficiency of the supra-spinal fibrous complex.
- Kissing Spine


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