Our Partners

Best Suppliers & Best Distributors

Our Partnership – Suppliers and Distributors - is origin of our powerful Sales.
We started with 20 distributors and just 2 suppliers, but now we work in partnership with over 200 distributors and 7 suppliers.
We will do our best to launching the best products. We can grow further by sharing diverse experience and a lot of creative ideas.
We look forward to working with you!

Seawon Meditech

St.Reed / St.Reed Plus / St.Cox / Abro / Fora-b / Veeler / Spasy

Cousin Biotech


Zimmer Biomet

InterGro DBM / Cement V

Genejet biotech

Tissue Aid

Foshan United Medical Technologies

Sequa hold


Lunula Laser System

BMI Korea

Hibarry anti-adhesion

Noam Urim