Sequa HOLD

Wound Closure Device

an Ideal wound close

• SEQUA™ Hold Wound Closure Device uses no sutures, less scar
• Traditional wound closure method causes scar.
• Quick to apply, easy to use
• Ideal for Accident & Emergency
• Can be used for acute surgical wounds

Advantages of Sequa hold

• Easy to apply and quick to use.
• The non-invasive technique reduces tissue trauma and improve patient comfort.
• can be used to irregular wounds for diverse usages without restriction to wound dimension.
• skin everting suture helps to reduce wound infection rate.
• No sutures on wound surface minimize the probability of scar expansion or dehiscence, resulting in better quality and less scars after healing.



• Peel Strength:  3.31 N/cm
• Each hasp is 1.5cm wide
• 9cm - paste area
• Each hasp pulled open force is more than 12 N (equivalent to 2.5 kgs of objects from gravity)
• The main body of the device is a pair of polypropylene hasp that is designed to allow for a non-invasive closure of a wound and to encourage a tight closure of the wound for an early and successful healing.
• A number of wound closure sets assemble together on the liner to suit wounds with various sizes and lengths.
• DEHP free